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Design and Production Services for
Marketing, Communications, Entertainment

About : Nick Forshaw, Creative Digital Content


"The screen is a magic medium. It has such power that it can retain interest as it conveys emotions and moods that no other art form can hope to tackle."

Stanley Kubrick


I am a writer, producer, designer and director of things which move.

Moving pictures have a unique ability to attract and retain the attention of an audience and thereby can communicate and entertain more effectively than any other medium. And if you're already bored of reading this then I've made my point!

I provide a full range of production services:

    • Concept design & consultation
    • Script development
    • Pre-production planning & budgeting
    • Production : film, video, animation
    • Post production (editing) and graphics
    • Visual effects
    • Distribution compliant mastering

I work with companies of all shapes and sizes from local SMEs to blue-chip global corporates covering a range of industries including, but by no means limited to: manufacturing, arts and entertainment and international financial services. My aim at all times is to bring innovation to a project whilst ensuring the highest standards of conduct and communication with the client.

I can't tell you what to say but I can help you find the most effective way to say it.

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and Informative"
The Chartered Institute of Marketing
The Guardian
The Stage
"A campaign which comes
alive through the digital format"
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"A perfect compliment to
ITV programming"
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